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Angelina is a 4 year old black and tan, 80lb hunk of beauty who was a shelter favorite. Originally a stray out of Yolo County, we have no information about her background.

She passed her shelter evaluation with flying colors, but the loud, busy atmosphere was a bit too stressful for her. She meets other dogs easily (both large and small, according to the shelter), but she is a little uncertain at first.

In her current foster home she is one of four German Shepherds and it's a bit overwhelming for her, so she will likely settle in more quickly in a home with a smaller pack. She sometimes gets a bit grumbly when the other dogs get in her face, but corrects easily and will lick the person who corrects her. She shows no problems at all with her humans - she is quick to give kisses and ask for attention. She appears to be housebroken, has so far displayed nice house manners (aside from wanting to share the couch or bed with her human) and she walks nicely on the leash.

Angelina is learning to sleep in her crate- she fidgets a bit for a few minutes and then settles in. She has also slept loose on a dog bed and did very well.

She has not yet noticed the cat in her foster home, but the shelter notes indicate 'No Cats' for this sweet girl. More to come as we get to know her better.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2017

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