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Anchor is a 12-18 month old handsome black and tan male. He was an unclaimed stray out of a local area shelter, so nothing is known about his background. Anchor is on the thin side at about 70 lbs. He is a very sweet boy who has not seen much of the world. He wants to please, and hates to be in trouble. Anchor will drop to the ground if he doesn't understand something, or if he thinks he is in trouble, that is how he got his name.

Although it is likely that Anchor spent most of his time outside and many indoor things are new to him such as stairs and solid surface floors, he does appear to be housebroken. Anchor doesn't seem to have any training, or know any commands. He wants to learn, and needs someone with patience to teach him. He is not real sure about the leash, he will go from happily walking along, to trying to bite at it getting frustrated with it. He is learning quickly to leave the leash alone. Anchor currently lives with several other large male and female dogs, and gets along with everyone. He has been introduced to small dogs without issue, and even cats, where he eventually gave chase until the cat started hissing at him. So he may be able to live with a cat in a supervised environment. He so far is a fairly submissive dog, so would need an environment where he would not be picked on by a dominant dog.

Anchor rides nicely in the car (once he figured out how to get in) and he sleeps quietly in his crate. He will need a firm and patient home that will socialize him, and help him explore this big world. Anchor is easily troubled by new things at first, such as going down stairs, getting into the car, walking with a leash, but gets things down usually by the third try. It requires time and patience to teach him new things. If you come down to hard on him, he will drop to the ground and retreat, if you don't require him to complete his task, he learns that dropping to the ground will get him his own way. Anchor is a truly big baby that just wants to be loved, and will climb into your lap to be close to you.

Anchor would be ok as an only dog, but wouldn't mind another dog to help show him the ropes. He is an easy dog to have around and has a lot of love to give the right family. He requires calm leadership and a home that will provide socialization and training for him.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2015

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