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Amber LeeAmber Lee Head

This beauty is Amber Lee. She was rescued after being abandoned in a rural community outside of Modesto. It appears that she may have had at least one litter in her lifetime. No other prior background information is known about her.

This delightful 3-4 year old girl is goofy, lovable, gentle and wants nothing more than to be by your side. When invited, she will cuddle on the couch with you or stretch out by your feet and just wants nothing more than to please you. If you let her, she would love to sleep in bed with you. Fair warning though, she does snore but not too loud. Her bark is very deep when she alerts to something wrong and can sound intimidating but only when there is a reason. Otherwise, she is very quiet.

Amber Lee is a sweetheart and is just a little cautious at first meets but bonds very quickly to her people once she understands you are a gentle and kind person. She is very approachable with children and has done very well around them during her visits. Amber Lee does have an aversion to crates but has full run of the foster home and can be trusted when left with her chew bones and toys. She is potty trained as well. However, she has shown she can jump and clear a 3 foot indoor gate -if she wants to.

Amber Lee loves to play with her large K-9 foster sibling and gets along fine with the resident indoor dog savvy cats, and has on occasion returned kisses when they rub up on her and lick her. However, she does not care for small dogs. Car rides, pack walks, and chewing on bones and toys are her favorite things other than getting lots of belly rubs.

This is a very sensitive girl who needs to experience new places and things in order to continue to build her confidence. Amber Lee will need another large, confident, easy going male dog for companionship and to play with and she will watch and learn from him. This beauty will thrive best in a family that is soft spoken, gentle and has low keyed energy but can also be active in their lifestyle as well. She will continue to blossom in an environment where her people will continue her training and allow her to be apart of their family inside the home.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added October 2017

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