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AlexAlex Head

Alex was a stray from a Modesto area shelter, so nothing is known of his background. At approximately 10 months old, Alex currently weighs 50lbs. He could stand to gain a few pounds, but will not likely be much larger than his current size. He's still very much a puppy with plenty of energy to play, but after exercise he settles down nicely with a chew or stuffed toy.

Alex is a submissive boy who walks nicely on a lead and corrects easily. So far he hasn't shown any reaction to other dogs, skateboards, etc. He currently lives with two large German Shepards and while he enjoys their company, he prefers not to engage in their rough and tumble play.

He still seems genuinely perplexed by common household noises and his foster mom will sometimes catch him quietly staring at washing machine or a running faucet. Alex is potty trained and after a minute of whining, will sleep quietly through the night in a crate.

Alex will jump and/or whine when excited and is still a bit mouthy. In his foster home he is learning to patiently wait for food and a toss of the ball. He needs someone that can continue to work with him on commands and house rules.

This boy could easily pair with smaller dogs. He like play, but he isn't a wrestler. He still jumps far more than I'd like, so he probably wouldn't be a good fit for a household with younger kids. Over all, he's a sweet guy. He just needs someone to love him.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added February 2015

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