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Akua is a handsome 3-4 year old red sable male. He was an unclaimed stray out of a local shelter so nothing is known about his background. He came into the shelter neutered and microchipped, but even after attempts by the shelter to reach his family, they never came to reclaim him. Akua is very tall and lanky; he is a on the thin side and could stand to put on a few pounds.

Akua is housebroken, and is very easy to have in the house. If you ask him to go lie down on a bed he will. He sleeps quietly in his crate all night. He likes to be right with his people. He is very unhappy to be shut outside, even if it is just for a few minutes to go potty. Generally he will jump at the back door for a few minutes, then will go about his business. Akua would do best in a home where someone is around most of the time.

Akua is currently living with 6 other shepherds, and gets along with all of them. He likes to run and jump and play. If he gets too rough, and other dogs correct him, he will back down. He doesn't want any trouble. Over Thanksgiving Akua visited a home where small dogs were present. He was fine with them, but supervision would be needed for awhile to ensure he doesn't play to rough with them. This big boy has no idea of his size.

Akua rides very nicely in the car. He likes to go! He is fine to be free in the car, or will jump right in a crate to ride as well. He knows a few commands such as sit and down. He does fairly well with heel as well, and walks nicely on a leash.

This boy is a joy to have around, and loves to be with his people. He would like a family that will continue his training and socialization, and where someone is around most of the time. This dog will make an awesome companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2014

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