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AceiaAceia Head

Aceia is an adorable petite black and red shepherd. At about a year old, she weighs in at about 50 lbs. Aceia was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter so nothing is known about her background.

Aceia is a very sweet girl. So far, she has done well at meeting all sorts of new people. She is very curious about them, and seems to think everyone is a potential new friend. Aceia loves affection and will roll over and give you her belly to rub almost immediately. She also likes to bury her head in your lap or between your legs. Aceia is also a very busy girl and likes to investigate everything. Chances are Aceia was an outdoor only dog in her previous home as she seems to have no training or manners, but is learning new things daily. She will now go up and down stairs without having to be on leash. She also has no leash manners, and likes to run between your legs, so care has to be taken not to get tripped up by her or the leash.

Aceia is still a wild child, but is learning to settle on a bed when inside. While she has not had any accidents, a close eye is kept on her whereabouts when she is in the house. Aceia is also learning to sleep quietly in a crate at night.

Aceia is currently in a foster home with several other large dogs. While she had gotten along with all of the other dogs, she is definitely more comfortable outside with one other dog than with the entire pack. She gets a little nervous when other dogs start to play. She seems to want to join in, but isn't quite sure how. When out with one dog, she interacts nicely until play gets too rough, she will then retreat.

While Aceia has a lot of learning to so, she will make a great family member for someone willing to put the time an effort into her training and socialization.

Unknown with Cats

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2014