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TigTig Head

Tig is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois, possibly with a little German shepherd mixed in. Tig came to us from the local shelter so little is known of his background. Tig say on the shelters adoption floor for nearly 2 months being over looked, no clue why as this boy is very sweet and loves people. As soon as the GCGSR evaluator took him out of his kennel, he flopped on the floor and asked for belly rubs.

Tig greets other dogs appropriately and has great leash manners. He can be a little fearful of new things such as a quad or riding in the car but he recovers quickly. Tig is working on his potty training and is learning the luxuries of being able to be inside the home. He loves going into his crate and sleeps quietly in there. Tig is very people oriented and wants to spend every second of his life with them or touching them. When he first comes out of his kennel, he grabs your hands with his mouth. Even though it's a very soft grab, he is learning this behavior isn't acceptable along with jumping or climbing up in your lap when you sit down. Typical to most Malinois, he often likes to have a toy or something in his mouth. He enjoys munching on a chew or a chew toy, if he doesn't have one he will try to make a toy out of other objects such as shoes or food bowls. Tig does haven't any ball drive but he does have a pretty good energy level, so physical exercise is necessary to keep him happy. Tig will do just about anything for food and is pretty good about not wandering too far off while on off leash walks with his foster mom.

Tig can be a little unsure when a more pushy, dominate dog approaches. He would do best with a dog with similar play styles and not with one that is overly pushy.

It is unknown how Tig would do with cats or small furry critters. Due to his excessive mouthy behavior, Tig is considered a level 3 dog.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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