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RandyRandy Head

Randy is a large 4 year old white shepherd with one floppy ear. He came to us from a local shelter so nothing is known about his background. He loves to meet new people and prefers to spend his time inside.

Randy has pretty good house manners and is generally eager to please people. He is housebroken with the use of a dog door and sleeps nicely in a crate at night. When asked to sit he prefers to sit right next to you and leans in for extra attention.

Randy currently lives with an older female shepherd and enjoys her company. He often initiates play inside, but when she runs outside to go play he hasn't quite figured out he is supposed to follow. If she doesn't want to play he nicely finds a place inside to settle down. Randy would likely spend much more time playing with other dogs if he had a more enthusiastic playmate.

Randy is learning how to walk on leash, often does best when not asked to walk at a tight heel, and he seems to walk best with an extra 6-12 inches of leash. He gets a little nervous when big or loud cars go by but he is learning to trust that he is safe walking side by side with his human. If Randy gets a little distracted or overexcited during walks, a quick correction and structure helps settle him back down and continue on. Randy enjoys meeting other happy dogs of all sizes when out for walks.

He has not been tested around cats or other small critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Randy 01

Randy 02