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PascalPascal Head

Pascal is a 4 year old male with traditional Black and Tan coloring. He came from a local shelter so nothing is known about his background.

Pascal lives with a female shepherd and constantly follows her around begging her to play. He prefers to play chase in the yard with dogs and humans alike. Pascal also loves to play with water especially when the hose is set to a jet spray. He gets a little excited and rambunctious when first getting out on a walk but settles in quickly with proper corrections.

Pascal has great house manners and is housebroken with the use of a dog door. He is crate trained and sleeps nicely free or in a crate at night. He is quite protective of his home once he settles in and needs to be introduced properly to guests that visit. With controlled introductions he will settle down and return to his nice house manners.

This sweet boy will make a nice addition to a family that will continue his training and provide the necessary structure which will allow him to flourish.

This is a Level 2 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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