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KashKash Head

Kash is a robust red and black 4 yo old German Shepherd male weighing 90+ lbs. Due to a change in circumstances, he was relinquished by his lifetime owner. Throughout his life, his owner supported Kash's needs very well, allowing him to flourish into a very delightful canine companion.

This boy enjoys meeting all humans with curiosity and ease. Kash's friendly and overall calm demeanor allows him to settle well, even among a crowd of strangers. If presented with the opportunity, he will readily engage in a game of fetch with a ball and then take a dip in the pool! Inside the home, Kash displays excellent house manners where he will simply lay quietly on his dog bed near his human.

When Kash meets other dogs, he is curious and might even explode with romping puppy-energy. He engages in frequent play with his large foster brother, but he tones down his energy around his petite female foster sister. She sets clear boundaries to her large brothers who can accidentally bump into her, and they both respect her space well. Treats and food capture his attention, but he will wait patiently for his turn to receive his food bowl.

Kash is housebroken and is also accustomed to using a dog door. He walks gently on a leash and ignores other barking dogs along his path. At night, he readily enters his crate where he sleeps quietly. Kash is also eager to join you on a car ride where he is ready to experience any new adventure and discover what life has to offer! This guy will undoubtedly be a special addition to a very loving home.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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