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Kash is a robust 2 and 1/2 yo old German Shepherd male weighing 110 lbs. His dark features give you the impression he is serious about life. But look closer, and you will discover his ears reflect his true underlying goofy and puppyhood personality.

This boy enjoys meeting all humans with gentle curiosity. He will not pass any opportunity to go on a walk or engage with a game of fetch with a ball. His absolute favorite pastime, however, is to take a dip in the pool where you will find him swimming laps like an Olympic champion. Join in on the fun, and you've got yourself an instant pool party! In the home setting, Kash displays excellent house manners. Although he is a busy boy, he will eventually settle and lay quietly near his human.

As with many canines, this guy truly enjoys the company of other dogs. He has excellent greeting skills and is overall submissive in his interactions. Once he finds the opportunity to play, he may burst with romping puppy-energy. In fact, his persistence to play may be overwhelming to some canine playmates, so supervision is recommended. He has a remarkable talent to engage other dogs in a game of tug or chase! No dog is left bored in his company. He has never lived without a dog companion, and we feel he would do best with a playful mate by his side in his forever home. Treats and food capture his attention, but he will wait patiently for his turn to receive his food bowl.

Kash is housebroken and is also accustomed to using a dog door. He walks gently on a leash and ignores other barking dogs along his path. At night, he readily enters his XLg crate where he sleeps quietly. He is also eager to join you on a car ride where he is ready to experience any new adventure and discover what life has to offer! This guy will undoubtedly be a special addition to a very fun-loving home.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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