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JorginaJorgina Head

Jorgina is a petite 5 yo female Shepherd weighing 50 lbs. We know little about her past except that she likely was a mother to some cute pups. Good things come in small packages, and this girl is no exception.

Jorgi adores human affection and would love nothing more than to be in the company of her people and canine friends. She has a springy bounce when engaging in play with other dogs (large and small) as well as with herself! This gal is a package of entertainment when she plays 'cat and mouse' with her squeaky balls.

When not in the company of other dogs, her energy is well managed with daily walks and social outings. She won't hesitate to join you on a car ride and will wait patiently while you are away. When left alone at home, she will whine and occasionally dig in search for company. Sharing her home with another dog will help ease these behaviors, as well as guiding her with slow transitions into a daily routine of human absence. Upon reuniting with her person, she may try and capture your attention by jumping upward. This is gradually diminishing with consistent corrections; however, caution with small children.

In the home setting, she will occasionally try her talents at counter surfing, but she doesn't get very far given her petite stature. She will melt you with her soft eyes as she tries to join you on the couch (she thinks she qualifies as a lap dog), but will happily choose the dog bed if you prefer. In the evening, Jorgi eagerly enters her crate where she sleeps quietly all night. She is housebroken with the use of a dog door. This girl is a quick learner that would love nothing more than to offer you her devoted affection in the comforts of a loving home.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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