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DracaDraca Head

Draca is a gorgeous Red and Black 2 yr old female weighing approximately 70 lbs. Although her history is unknown to us, we are pretty sure she was on the front cover of the Shepherd Fashion magazine. You'll agree when you look into her almond eyes, complete with eyeliner presented with a happy warm smile.

This gal wastes no time jumping into LIFE. She is born to Party and Please and has no hesitation to greet any and all humans with her energetic wiggly wags. This may be accompanied with a tendency to 'jump-up-and-say-hello', so caution with young children. With consistent corrections, she is learning to practice restraint and sit patiently for anticipated affection. Once she receives your attention, she just might melt at your feet for your endless belly rubs.

When meeting other dogs, Draca can display bursting energy hoping to engage others in play. She does well in the presence of multiple dogs, but her energy level may not be compatible with the ones who prefer quieter company. Due to a high level of curiosity, she will take liberty to investigate and sometimes claim what other dogs have, including food, toys, and treats. When corrected by her pack mates, she may respond with confusion and protest. Thus, she will do best in a home as an only dog or with a submissive male partner. Consistent supervision and guidance is recommended while in the company of dogs to insure she properly minds her business. Because of her strong desire to please her human, Draca picks up on the rules very quickly.

This gal walks well on a leash and will ignore distractions along the way like a champ. She does well on car rides and is eager to join in on any adventure on your calendar! She is housebroken and is accustomed to using a dog door. At night, she enters her crate where she sleeps quietly. Come meet our zesty gal and witness this lovely package of fun.

Small critters and cats unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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