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BeringerBeringer Head

Beringer is an adorable 8 yo male German Shepherd that won the hearts of his entire shelter staff due to his overall easy-going nature. It is clear he lived a comfortable life in his past, as he is very accustomed to the indoor environment. Give him a bed and a ball, and this guy is one happy camper.

Since his arrival in our program, Beringer has been placed on a slow weight loss regimen to reach his target weight of ~80 lbs. This routine suits him well, as he loves his low-cal veggies and daily walks with his human. He has an amazing ability to ignore loud vehicles and attention-gathering dogs on his walk, making this an enjoyable activity while reading the neighborhood pee-mails.

Beringer enjoys greeting all humans but may take some time to settle down and realize you are a part of his new family. He expresses his uncertainty with whines, but he will calm and relax in a few minutes. When he is with multiple dogs, he occasionally vocalizes with a grumble when they enter his personal space or bring rambunctious play too close. Because of this, he would do very well in a home with a calm female or as an only dog in the family.

This guy is crate trained and house broken. He enjoys any opportunity for car rides and will wait patiently for his owner to complete errands. If you're looking for a companion to play fetch, especially one with soulful brown eyes, this boy may very well be your match made in heaven.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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