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Wylie is a stunning 1 yo sable female Shepherd mix weighing approximately 60 lbs. Despite her unknown past, she is packed with delightful confidence and ready to share greetings with anyone she meets. Her approach is kind and curious, and she seems to rapidly detect one's appreciation of her exotic beauty. This is, after all, the cover of her 'eager-to-jump-into-life' storybook.

When meeting other dogs, both large and small, she has no hesitation to say 'Hello' and will do her best to find a willing playmate to join her in zesty play. Wylie has a unique ability to engage and quickly accommodate her partner's playstyle with delightful fun and respect. She enjoys interacting with other dogs one-on-one or engage in cooperative group-style play. Get ready for entertainment as you watch her sleek physique romp with athletic skill.

When not in the company of other dogs, her energy is ideally managed with daily walks or runs along with a variety of social exposures. Her athletic physique makes car traveling a joyful adventure with ease. While she is always ready to join you in the 'next activity', she will calmly settle in the home on her dog beds when given her daily exercise. She is very affectionate and, on occasion, may decide she belongs on your lap for unexpected cuddle time. She also enjoys entertaining herself with Nyla bones and dog toys, but thinks 'fetch with a ball' should be left to Labrador retrievers.

Wylie does well in the company of her foster brother while her human is at work and has very good house manners. When she reunites with her human, she may occasionally jump up with excitement. This rapidly diminishes with consistent corrections while she learns her human will return in the daily household routine.

In the evening, she calmly enters her crate where she sleeps quietly all night. She is housebroken and is accustomed to using a dog door. This gal is a quick learner who will add fun and spice to an active household.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added October 2021

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