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SvenSven Head

Sven is a handsome 5 year old Black and Tan male. He came to us from a local shelter so nothing is known about his background.

Sven has nice house manners and enjoys the use of the dog door in his foster home. He plays nicely with the female shepherd in his home and respects her boundaries. When she lets him know play time is over he will wander back to the human companions and find a nice spot to hang out near them.

Sven sleeps nicely in the crate at night in his foster mom's bedroom but can also be trusted to sleep free. He will let you know when he is ready to get up for the day but always checks in to say good morning before running outside to do his business.

This sweet and affectionate boy loves to be with his human. He is not particularly food-motivated but he lives for praise and affection from people. Sven can be cautious and uncertain in a new environment or experience but his easy going nature helps him get through it with a little bit of patience and structure from his handler.

Sven has not been tested with children, cats or other small critters in his foster home.

Continued structure and affection will help this loving boy thrive in his new forever home.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added November 2021

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