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Sammie Jo is a beautiful red and tan female that is approximately 6 years old. She originally came to us with her litter of puppies in 2018 from a local shelter. She was adopted out and returned to us in 2019, through no fault of her own. She unfortunately came back to us overweight at 107 lbs on a 70 lb. frame.

She suffered a torn cruciate in her right rear knee, due in part to her being overweight. She has slimmed down to her ideal weight around 70 lbs. She had surgery at UC Davis in August of 2020 to repair her knee. She is fully recovered from her surgery and now ready to go into a home again where she can enjoy life and have a family of her own.

Sammie Jo is super sweet and loves attention. She does have some ball drive. She will bring you her ball or toy and wait patiently for you to throw it. She also has a medium prey drive, so a home with small dogs or cats would not work for this girl.

Sammie Jo knows basic commands and has great recall. She is a good alarm barker, keeping an eye on things in the home. She currently lives in a home with 3 adult male GSDs and 1 adult female GSD. She gets along well with everyone. She also behaves like a typical mature female, and becomes the fun police if things get too rowdy for her taste.

Sammie Jo needs to work on her leash manners. She is very strong and has a tremendous amount of pull. The ideal adopter will need a good center of gravity, in order not to be pulled down.

Sammie Jo needs a home where her food intake will be monitored, and food securely stored. She needs a home where the owner will appreciate her crafty nature and her problem-solving skills. She will benefit from being in a home that will provide her with daily exercised and continued training.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added January 2021

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