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Patch is a super fun loving, bouncy 7 year old red and black male. He currently weighs in at 95 lbs and could use a few more pounds. When Patch joined GCGSR he was severely malnourished, had plenty of missing hair, and had a skin allergy. He has since regrown most of his hair and his skin issues have cleared up. Patch came from a Central Valley residence and not much is know about his past. What we do know is that he was adopted out roughly 3 years ago and had not been cared for well.

Patch loves to play and really enjoys being around people. He was a quick introduction to our resident shepherds and malamute with no issues. Patch also enjoys the company of our two resident cats, which can often be seen nuzzling on his nose or cuddling in for an evening nap. He loves to go for car rides and does not get sick on the winding roads home. He greets other dogs and strangers nicely. He does not appear to have any food, guarding, or leash reactivity at this time. This boy is potty trained, uses the dog door, can sleep quietly in a crate at night, or just left alone in the house without issue.

Patch has tested positive for heartworm and is currently going through treatment. He is roughly one month into his four month treatment cycle. It is possible for this love bug to be adopted to the right home, providing the new owners are willing to follow the medical guideline for treatment and care, which involves crating and reduced activity.

If you are looking for a super fun, goofy, and loving big boy, then Patch may be just the dog for you.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added May 2021`

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