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MurdockMurdock Head

Murdock is a handsome black and tan male puppy about 5 months old weighing just over 30 lbs. He came from a local shelter with his sister Willow. Three other siblings went to another rescue group.

Murdock is a sweet, well-behaved, affectionate pup with a great temperament. He is potty trained and quickly figured out the doggy door. He sleeps well in a crate and also sleeps quietly in his foster moms' room. He is being fostered with 4 adult German Shepherds/Malinois and fits in easily with the pack, he is only mildly interested in the resident dog savvy cat. He is a quick learner, learning in just a few sessions to sit, wait for his food. When he sees his food dish, he runs with glee to his crate and waits to be served. He walks nicely on a leash. He loves the water and does zoomies around the yard, landing in the puppy pool. Murdock is initially skittish, but once he warms up and trusts you, he just settles right in.

He would be best placed with another confident dog to show him the ropes. Some training, socialization, and confidence-building will make Murdock an especially wonderful addition to any home.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added May 2021

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