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Martini is an approximately two year d black & tan stocky female weighing about 70 lbs. This girl was a stray out of a shelter with the worst wound to her inner hind leg that looked like she was sliced with a sharp object. She was in a bandage requiring daily changes for the first six weeks. Because she could ruin any cone and/or work off the bandages with her other leg, she was in the vets office during those six weeks. Her wound is better now without the need for bandaging but not fully healed, allowing her to go into a foster home.

Martini desperately wants another dog to play with. She unfortunately doesn't take cues from other dogs who aren't as playful. She is very determined and requires stern, consistent corrections to get her attention. She loves human interaction. She could be fine as an only dog. She uses a dog door and appears housebroken but she is still learning house manners.

Since her leg still has a bit of healing to do, she needs someone to watch and correct her if she is licking or bothering the wound until it fully closes, so someone home most of the time is critical. Her forever home should be committed to training and exercise.

No cats or small critters

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added March 2021

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