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Marmaduke is an approximately 4 yo male Golden German Shepherd weighing about 75 lbs. Found as a stray, we do not have insight into his past. He comes with a pair of delightful ears that will bring a smile to everyone he greets. This endearing feature also happens to fit his overall easy-going nature.

This boy does not exhibit high-drive. In fact, toys and treats are not essential commodities in his daily routine. When encountering new situations, he shows hesitancy but will choose to engage with your calm encouragement and direction. The indoor life was initially strange for him, but he has rapidly become accustomed to all the comforts of his home.

Marmaduke does very well in the company of other dogs, both large and small. As with many dogs, supervision is recommended to prevent too many of his canine companions coming into his personal space until he gets to know them. His absolute joy, no doubt, is your simple company. He has overcome a fence to get to his human only to knock at the front door to join his family. Once in your presence, he will lie down with quiet contentment.

This guy is learning the joys of daily walks and car rides, much like a child discovering an amusement park. He is housebroken with use of a dog door, and calmly enter his crate where he sleeps quietly through the night. Continued engagement and introductions to new experiences will allow Marmaduke to enjoy a future of partnership and discovery.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added July 2021

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