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Lucinda (aka Luci) is a beautiful sleek black female. She is about 4 years old and is on the petite side weighing in about 55-60lbs. This sweet girl came to us through a local area shelter so nothing is known about her background.

Luci lives with other large male and female shepherds in her foster home. This girl tries very hard to get one of the other dogs to play with her. She plays rough and is very vocal, so any other dogs in her forever home would need to appreciate her play style, as she can bet very determined to play with them. We think she could be an only dog as well.

Luci is affectionate, and likes to be near her people, and while she is content to lay at your feet in the evenings, she is not a clingy girl. Luci rides nicely in the car, and likes to go on walks. She doesn't seem to have any formal leash training, however she is easy to walk, and is content to walk at your side.

Luci is housebroken and sleeps quietly in her crate at night. She apparently was allowed on furniture and in bed in her past life. She also likes to put her paws up on the kitchen counters to check out what you are doing. She is learning to keep her feet on the floor!

Luci would like a home that will continue her socialization and training.

No cats or small furry critters

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added May 2021

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