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Kyle is a 9 to 10 month old black German Shepherd male.  He came to us from a local shelter after being picked up wandering the streets with a broken leg.  He has recuperated at his foster home for a couple months, and evidence of the injury is now barely noticeable.


Kyle is an average sized boy, currently weighing about 55 pounds.  He is naturally a very social and happy boy, always ready to go for a walk or sit for a pet.  He loves playing chase with the other dogs in his foster home, and is always in the mood for a good wrestling match with the other young male dog in the home.  Kyle has a good recall when off leash, and tends not to wander very far from his person.  He is crate trained, and has had no accidents in the house.  He grabs a toy from the toy box to take in his crate before settling down for the night.


Kyle has average puppy energy, and will need a home with a family that can meet his physical and mental exercise needs.  He currently resides on a 40-acre farm, where he can run and play for several hours a day.  So far, he has greeted everyone he has met appropriately.  He is eager to meet other dogs and quickly attempts to get them to play with him.


Kyle is looking for a home with another nice dog that will play with him, and a family that will keep him exercised and included him in daily activities.   He would benefit from a group training class to improved his basic leash manners and learn more commands.  He is eager to learn, and treat motivated, so training should be a fun activity with him.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added March 2021

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