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Kyda is a 7 year old long haired female. She was an owner surrender who spent all her life in a backyard with three other German Shepherds. As a result, she had no knowledge of indoors or walks outside her yard. She has been picking up the indoor life quite well. She learned the stairs within a few days, and with only one accident, she now appears to be housebroken, with the use of a dog door. She is also learning how to go on walks and she walks calmly next to her human. She will go into a crate, but it is not her favorite thing, however, she does get crated when the family is out and she has been fine. Kyda sleeps in the bedroom with her foster parents.

Kyda is very uncertain of new humans initially, men more than women. She shies away from big arm/hand movements, but when she gets to know you, she is very affectionate. Kyda is a very sweet girl and takes instruction quite well. She will be an easy dog to train. She shares the foster home with another German Shepherd alum of GCGSR and does well with her.

Kyda is currently overweight and is on a weight reduction regime. This includes daily walks and two smaller meals a day. Although she is large, she is a slow, picky eater.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added January 2021

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