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HuckHuck Head

Huck is a small Black and Tan male, 7.5 months old and up to 34 lbs. He was a stray from a local shelter so we have no details of his past.

Huck is a nervous boy and slow to warm up to new dogs and people. Once he does, he's affectionate and loves to play. He's a bit of a drama queen if he thinks he's going to be hurt and doesn't tolerate a prong collar for that reason. He's mostly housebroken and will use a dog door. He would do best in a home with another confident, playful dog to provide him security when in public. He's curious about the resident cat, but shows no sign of aggression toward her. Nylabones and toys are necessary to redirect any unacceptable chewing.

Huck sits for his meal and will lay down when told if you're eating or don't want to be pestered by him. Formal obedience training and socialization are needed to make this young boy into a great dog.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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