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Goose is a 2 year old white male Shepherd with a gorgeous plush coat. He came to us by way of a local trainer who was working with him through a board and train after his prior owner entered hospice and could no longer care for him. He was recently adopted to an experienced family who discovered his high intelligence, yet he was not compatible to the household due to his high prey drive for cats. Despite these changes, he is showing us a tremendous ability to adapt to new settings.

When Goose first came to us, he was a little unsure of new people and experiences. While this has dramatically improved, he continues to 'alarm bark' when meeting some strange humans. Corrective guidance and the opportunity to 'check it out' rapidly extinguishes his uncertainty which is replaced with gentle wags. He is keen to his perimeter and seems to take pride in letting his owner know if potential intruders lurk. Consistent with his desire to please his human, he responds to human acknowledgement and corrections very well. He walks nicely on a leash with just the occasional correction needed if he gets a little bit too excited.

If there's a favorite pastime, this boy loves to play with other dogs! He will happily engage others in a game of tug with his rope toy or entice other dogs in a game of chase. His play style can be rather pushy, so supervision is necessary to remind him to maintain respectful boundaries. Over time, he demonstrates cooperative play activities.

Goose has excellent house manners. In the home, he will lay calmly near your side and enjoy his Nyla bone on his Xlarge bed. He is crate trained where he sleeps quietly through the night. He is house broken and accustomed to using a dog door. He is still a bit of a playful puppy at times, and if he isn't getting enough attention, he has been known to grab something from inside that doesn't belong to him in an effort to create a game of chase.

This gorgeous boy will make a great addition to a family that is able to provide regular activity, mental stimulation, and admire his unsurpassed beauty!

No cats or small critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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