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FredoFredo Head

Fredo is an adorable 3.5 month old male Belgian Malinois mix. He's primarily tan with some black on his face and back. His feet are white with tan spots.

He's being fostered with his brother Vito (a darker tan boy), an adult male German Shepherd and an adult female German Shepherd. He barks at dogs he sees from a distance but is fine meeting them. This pup is very affectionate and tolerant of handling. He's got quite a bit of energy and climbed out of a 3.5' X-pen his first day here. He sleeps through the night in a crate with his brother but is not yet housebroken.< /p>

Continuing his socialization and enrolling in obedience training will make him into a great companion. A home with another playful dog is preferred.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added July 2021

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