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Darlin is a sweet, large, black & red long-haired female shepherd with a touch of something else mixed in to keep it interesting. She weighs about 100 lbs, but would do better at 80-90 lbs. She enjoys car rides, road trips and a short walk around the block. Originally from a shelter and we estimated at 6+ years of age, Darlin needs a home that enjoys her company, monitors her food and reliably gives her medicine 2x/day (for arthritis) in her food so that she may live her best life.

This lovely girl enjoys being with her people inside with them and is well suited to the work-at-home lifestyle. Although she uses dog doors to enter the house from the yard, she does not use them to go outside (lol) and needs her person to take her out periodically and at the beginning and end of the day. Bonus - she is overall house clean and well-mannered indoors, and her foster family has been able to leave her with access to part of the house unsupervised. If she does need to use the facilities, she signals by walking in circles or, on a walk, pulling to the lefthand curb.

Darlin had images taken at a vet appointment and appears to have mild to moderate hip dysplasia, spondylosis, and a broken tail (that she still wags slightly when she greets you). She is being monitored for a lesion on her ventral spine.

She may be best suited for a well-managed household without many staircases that are required for daily use. She can manage the two steps in her foster home, and a flight if on a leash during a road trip, but would do well with an environment that is easy to navigate. She can climb into a compact sedan and climb up to sit in the back seat without help, and does her best to cooperate and help load into a van or vehicle that is up higher.

She gets along well with a well-behaved older male shepherd in her foster home, and has managed OK in a group walk with other shepherds. She has also stayed the weekend with another volunteer and his older male shepherd foster dog. Since she can be grumbly around puppies or animated, unpredictable dogs, she would do well with people that are able to help her redirect quickly and give her a verbal correction or quick tug on the leash when she alert barks at meeting some people, some animals, and observing unusual things in her environment (Masks, anyone? Bike helmets.). She had limited experience with cats and children in her initial foster home, but did live with caged birds and goats.

This is not your typical medium to high activity shepherd. She walks with the foster family's dog at a brisk pace for less than 10 minutes, and then needs to slow down and end the outing or rest. She is patient waiting for her turn, and usually has a 10 minute walk with everyone, and then waits inside the front door until everyone returns from a longer walk. If you are looking for an easy, mellow dog with limited activity level, Darlin could be your girl.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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