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ChampagneChampagne Head

Meet our latest refreshing spirit, Champagne aka Cham. She is a 1 year old white, gray and black female German Shepherd/Husky mix weighing approximately 65 lbs. As her name depicts, she displays soft hues and an effervescence that will bring smiles to any day, rain or shine.

This gal comes with a feminine nature that, at times, appears initially 'uncertain'. When surrounded by multiple dogs, she may vocalize her uncertainty. But with guidance and calm leadership, she rapidly engages in appropriate canine greetings. In her foster home, she enjoys the company of two male Shepherds with whom she plays on a regular basis. In fact, she appears to find pleasure in leading them into her winding game of chase. She knows when she can outwit them with her agile physique and athletic skill. Her cohorts are left perplexed as they appear resigned to her unsuspecting influence. I gently remind them, 'That is what Champagne does'.

Cham has no hesitation to greet any and all humans with her soft velvety coat and welcoming eyes. One 'hello' from an admirer may invite her to jump up for a hug. This is diminishing with gentle corrections; however, caution with young children. She enjoys her daily walks and is learning to walk well on a leash. And just watch her bubbly dance while playing fetch with a ball! It's free fun-filled entertainment for all. Car ride? She's in.

In the home, she is your typical Shepherd female with excellent keen house manners. She'll enjoy any opportunity to relax on her soft bed or indulge in soft pets and words of endearment. She is housebroken and sleeps calmly in her crate at night. This gal will surely make a warm addition to a loving home. She is a reason to celebrate.

Small critters and cats unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added October 2021

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