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Zeke was pulled from a local shelter and is a new addition to the GCGSR family. He came in as a stray and very little is known about him at this time. He is approximately 4 years old, weighs roughly 80 lbs and appears to be a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix. Zeke is very sweet, affectionate, and will do anything to please his owner. He loves running in the back yard with his GSD foster brothers and sisters, but is also content doing his own thing. Zeke walks well around the neighborhood on a loose leash. He does not react to barking dogs at fences nor to the horses, goats, and chickens we pass on our morning walks. He does perk up to attention when deer and squirrels run across the road. He had a quick introduction to our two resident shepherds and malamute mix. He is respectful of dog savvy cats, but will follow with a briskness in his pace at times. There has not been any growling or barking in his pursuit; just tail wags.

Zeke is potty trained and sleeps well in a crate at night. He will also put himself in time out in his crate when he gets in trouble. This is a sensitive boy that wants to please his owner. We are working on Sit, Touch, Leave It, Off, Down, and Go To Bed (Kennel Up) with good success. He is very treat motivated and continued work will be needed to further his training. He snaps back to attention in a sit with laser focus between commands. Zeke was initially a little nervous in the car and drooled all over the place, but overall was a good co-pilot. He is not huge on playing with toys but enjoys running around with them in his mouth in the back yard.

He is a confident male and is mouthy which, is common for the breed. Zeke can be submissive but can also be persistent. He listen to inflections in you voice and knows when you become annoyed. He can be pushy when it comes to getting attention. He has not shown jealousy of other dogs, no signs of food aggression, and takes treats with a gentle mouth. He very much wants to be with people and cannot get enough belly rubs. He has not been observed around children, however, due to his size, energy level, and mouthiness, he would be best around children 12 and older. Small critters unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added September 2020

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