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Stretch is a friendly black and tan male two-year-old, who weighs approximately 90 pounds. He was surrendered to a local shelter so nothing is known of his past.

He is the normal height for a large German Shepherd, just quite long. Hence the name Stretch. His ears have fly-strike (the tips have been bitten) which means he was outside a lot in his past life. He was housebroken when he came to us though, with nice house manners. He is quite tall, so while you are in a rocking chair he can look you in the eye. Luckily he hardly ever licks you.

He heels nicely, only needing corrections when critters are near. Stretch rides well in the car, easily jumping into an SUV with no problem. He is ball oriented and will always drop the ball at your feet for you. Stretch is learning the down command and to not climb in your lap. While walking, Stretch will try to chase a cat If one runs by, but will walk nicely past a cat that is sitting still. Stretch currently lives with a large female German Shepherd, getting along quite well with her.

Stretch has medium energy and sleeps in his foster's bedroom very quietly. Even though he always wants to please his human, obedience training is recommended since he currently only sits when you have treats in your hand.

Cats and critters unknown

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added October 2020

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