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Simona is a striking 2 yo bi-colored female, currently underweight at less than 60 lbs. She was found as a stray, so not much is known about her previous life. This girl is a true dog's dog filled with a delightful puppy-soul who will spontaneously romp with bursts of joy with her canine companions.

It is evident that this girl chooses her canine pack mates over human companionship. In fact, she is very content spending her days with other dogs in the safe outdoors, then retreat to her quiet zone for rest and safe slumber. On her own, she is appropriately curious in her quiet environment and will respond to gentle verbal corrections.

Despite multiple exposures to the human world, including the comforts of the indoors, she is reluctant to join the intimate enclosures of the home. If approached by humans, Simona's instinct is to retreat. She will, however, show cautious interest if allowed to come forward and may even accept treats and gentle pets. If connected to a human while on a lead, she will follow your directions without protest; however, she may keep further distance thereafter to avoid a repeat session!

Because of her limited human social needs, she will do well in a home that seeks companionship for outdoor living dogs with appropriate protection from the outdoor elements and understanding that she may never seek human attention. A daily routine that offers her canine socialization, safety, and regular meals is all she needs to live a full life.

Small critters and cats unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Updated July 2020

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