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We are proud to announce the arrival of our super senior citizen, Sherlock. At 13 years of age, this boy is humble yet loaded with colorful personality! Because he was a stray, we know nothing about his former years except that he must have won Best in Show for Style & Stamina. One look at his face and you will agree that it radiates pure perfection. And despite being significantly underweight at 63 lbs, he is fueled with mental and physical eagerness to GO. In fact, this boy can complete a 2-mile walk and at the pace of a dog half his age. Shorter walks are highly recommended, however, to minimize his arthritic pain.

Sherlock shares his home with other female fosters, with whom he can display pesty interest. In fact, that seems to be his greeting style when he meets most other dogs. Supervision will be necessary to redirect his intrusive curiosity. After a couple days, this diminishes and he learns to ignore them. When he is asked to engage in play, he will do his very best to reciprocate, but this only lasts a few minutes leaving his canine friends very disappointed. In the home, Sherlock spends most of his time laying quietly on his dog bed near his human. On occasion, he will chit-chat and tell you stories of his past. Nothing pleases him more than sharing his tales while getting a jolly belly and face rub. You will be impressed with his baritone talent! When left alone, Sherlock will express his displeasure by vocalizing with his deep howl. This lasts a few minutes, then he settles down to rest patiently for your return. He is not destructive and finds little interest in chew toys or dog bones.

Sherlock sleeps in a crate during the night and is housebroken using a dog door. He receives human assistance using a cloth hip sling when climbing up a long flight of stairs, but he can descend on his own with cautious ease. He is friendly to all humans, however care should be taken with small active children because of his diminished eyesight. He is outright eager to go on car rides, and requires gentle assistance getting in the vehicle. Because he is mentally and physically ready to move forward, attention must be given to estimate his lasting endurance so he can return safely and comfortably.

As expected with many dogs his age, Sherlock has moderate kidney disease and arthritis. This is managed with dietary modification and one daily pain medication. He can be a picky eater, so his favorite tasty morsels are always included to enhance his pleasure in life.

Let us know if you would like to meet this special boy. Few dogs offer us the opportunity to share in their last years with safety, dignity and joy. He will repay you with his charming songs of gratitude.

Small dogs, critters and cats unknown

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added November 2020

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