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Kessi AnnKessi Ann Head

Kessi Ann is an intelligent, loving, black and tan female, approximately 7 yrs old and weighs 68 lbs. She was originally a breeding dog, however not much more is known about her past. She was brought to us by a good Samaritan who rescued her from the breeder.

Kessi has had good house manners in her foster home and is fully housebroken and knows how to use a dog door. She absolutely loves to go on walks and short hikes (~5 miles) and is a joy to walk with. She mostly keeps to herself while on the leash unless given the opportunity to sniff other dogs or humans, though she sometimes gives a bit of a pull towards small dogs, cats, and squirrels to investigate.

She forms strong bonds with her owners, so it is crucial that her next owners are ready for the commitment. She will do continual checkups on her people and she will investigate if someone appears to be leaving the house. She is able to be left alone during the work-day and has no destructive tendencies, though she may look longingly out the window for a while when you leave. When you get home, Kessi will always greet you with a tail wag. Kessi loves her stuffed squeeky toys and enjoys trotting around the house holding her toy and squeeking it.

She also loves attention and sometimes can get pushy about it. She'll play fetch, but often drops the ball to smell everything on the ground instead of bringing it back. Kessi does well in cars when she has a soft surface to sit and lay down on. The longest car ride she has taken has been 2 hours, with only a few whines. She is fine with being groomed. While she knows basic commands like sit, stay and come, her current foster home is working on getting her to respond consistently with and without distractions.

Kessi is not always accepting of strangers. She also seems to sense when people are not accepting of her and may respond by barking and charging them so taking leadership of these situations is crucial. She has not had interactions with children, however, she may need to be in a household with only adults to reduce her anxiety and maintain a consistent schedule. In large groups she can become anxious, so she may need to stay in a separate room with some calming music to relax unless she can learn to behave appropriately with several strangers around.

When in her element, she is a very calm and friendly dog with moderate energy. She is great with grooming, feeding, and touching.

Ideally she will need confident owners who enjoy interacting with her, can give her daily walks, and provide her with consistent training. She is truly a wonderful dog with a huge heart in need of structure in her life. In her previous foster home, she got along well with another male foster dog. She may blossom more with another stable male dog in the home to serve as a role model.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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