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Jaxton, aka Jax, is a 2 year old, 85 lb German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix that came to us from a local shelter. Jaxton was originally surrendered by his previous owners because he was barking "too much" in the backyard. After sitting on the adoption floor and being over looked for a month, he was pulled by rescue.

Jaxton is being fostered on a 40 acre ranch with 3 other large breed working dogs. Jaxton tested well with other dogs at the shelter and has been fine with his foster siblings. Jaxton likes the constant company of his foster mom and has a strong willingness to please. While doing yard work or just walking around the property, he always stays in sight of his humans and checks in often. Jaxton will bring you a ball, stick or squeaky toy for you to throw and engage with him. He always wants to be involved with whatever you are doing whether it's watching a movie inside on a rainy day or taking a hike. Jaxton is an energetic boy so daily exercise would be ideal for him.

In his foster home Jaxton is learning to like the crate and not to jump on the counters, doors or people. Because of his large size and rambunctious playfulness, a home with no small children would be ideal. Jaxton also likes to chase the various small critters he finds such as birds, squirrels and rabbits so a home with no cats or other small critters is necessary for him.

Jaxton is a sweet boy with a soft personality. He wants to please his owners. Jaxton would make a great companion for an active person who likes to spend time engaging with their dog.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added April 2020

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