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Grizzly is a pretty 5-6 year old female with a black and red long coat, and is a perfect weight at 64 pounds. She was surrendered to a local shelter along with siblings from the same household and the dogs had been kept outdoor with little socialization. Based on X-rays and a physical exam by our vet, Grizzly has a decreased range of motion in her hips and is also showing signs of spondylosis (arthritis in her spine) by the occasional dragging of her rear feet. Anti-inflammatory medication is given daily to keep her comfortable.

Grizzly is housebroken and uses a dog door. She is crate trained and seems to find comfort in being in a crate. As long as other dogs are along, Grizzly enjoys car rides.

This girl is very aloof and does not seek out people for attention, however she seems to enjoy lying nearby her person whenever she sits down. She can be uncertain in new environments and with new people. No young children as they scare her. She enjoys being with other dogs of all sizes and therefore must go into a home with one or more other dogs. Grizzly has moderate energy and is overall a calm, quiet girl.

Grizzly walks well on leash and seems to enjoy her walks. Her forever home must continue her low impact exercise and should appreciate Grizzly's aloof nature.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added June 2020

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