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Fern is an adorable, approximately 8 month old female pup who found herself at a local area shelter along with her litter mates. The entire litter was extremely under socialized, but her rough start in life could not keep this girl's sweetness from shining through.

While she is now completely at ease in her foster home, she is still getting used to the big world around her. She is a bit hesitant in new situations and meeting new people, but warms very quickly. Once at ease with people, Fern is extremely affectionate.

With proper introductions, she gets along well with all of the large dogs she's met. This pup loves to play! She's never met a toy she didn't like, and she engages in rough-house play with the other German Shepherds in her foster home. Her exuberance sometimes leads to jumping, but with consistent reminders she is learning to mind her manners! She is very focused and has learned the house rules and routines quickly.

Fern is well on track with her potty training and is learning to use the doggie door. This girl's favorite spot is right by her human, but she is flexible at bedtime- she loves to sleep on her favorite bean bag chair, but will also settle into a crate. Fern handles riding in the car and walking on a leash the same way she does everything else- hesitantly at first, gaining confidence fairly quickly. Along with continued socialization and training, living in a home with another confident, male dog would be ideal for Fern.

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This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added February 2020

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