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Diana is a beautiful 4 yo black and tan female whose mission is to connect with every human she can greet. A stray from a local shelter, we have no history on her except for evidence of having had puppies in the past. Diana rapidly adapted to her foster home environment. In a short time, she has learned to enjoy her dog beds and stay off the house furniture, although she will do her best to sneak accessible yummies off the counter if you're not watching! Food is a source of major joy, and she will benefit from supervision to refrain from thinking all meal prep is for her.

Diana has lived with two separate male Shepherds since coming into rescue and attempted to tell each one what they can and cannot do in her space. Consistent corrections have successfully transformed this behavior into appropriate social interactions such that she can relax and enjoy the company of other dogs without trying to direct them. In fact, she may burst into brisk play invitations. If another dog responds with exuberance, she often gets confused and must be reminded to tone down her response. Because she is so willing to please her human, she readily yields to social directions.

Diana is uniquely keen and is very intelligent. She is housebroken and enters her crate on her own where she sleeps quietly during the night. Belly rubs are a treasured treat, and daily walks are a joy for both parties as she does well on a leash. She is eager to join you on car rides, but must practice 'scooting over' so you can actually do the driving. Since nothing pleases her more than to be close to her people, she will be perfectly content snuggling at your side. Lastly, Diana has an array of vocal expressions that she might share when she is in the talking mood (ex: when she is left out of the fun). You'll understand her every word as she gazes at you with endearment with her mystical eyes. This girl will surely make a warm addition to a welcoming home and family.

Cats and critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added June 2020

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