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Christina is a petite, 10 year old black and tan female weighing just 50 lbs. She was a stray from a local shelter so we have no history about her past. Her front teeth are worn and/or broken so a dental procedure is being planned for her and she will require only soft foods in the future. The vet suspects she had been in a kennel or crate quite a bit and she broke her teeth on the metal enclosure. As might be expected for a senior dog, she has arthritis in her hind end and spondylosis (pinching of the nerves) in her lower spine that affects her stride. Her pain is being managed with anti-inflammatory and nerve blocking meds and they will be required for the remainder of her time. She has some difficulty going up and down 3 steps into and out of the house. Her walks are limited to a quarter to a third of a mile. She also can slip on hardwood floors unless carpet or runners are put down.

Christina seems to prefer women over men. In her foster home, she gets fed and walked by the foster dad, but she likes to follow and cuddle with the foster mom and is not willing to go to the dad when he calls her. Initially she retreated to an open crate for security but would come back out for moms attention. Since the crate was removed she has integrated well into her environment and gained confidence around the other dogs. She is living with another larger female German Shepherd and a mid-sized dog in the home who seem to sense she is not feeling her best and leave her alone so they are getting along well. She is housebroken and easy to have around. She uses the dog door but with some difficulty.

Her new home should be a single level home with no steps, with carpet or carpet runners to keep her from slipping. She also enjoys thick, soft dog beds. Senior dogs repay kindness with affection and she will be your best friend.

Cats and small critters are unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added December 2020

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