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TaffyTaffy Head

Taffy is an approximately 14 week old, black and tan female. She was an owner surrender along with her sisters, Hershey, Snickers and Twix (the Halloween Candy Litter) and came from living in the country outdoors among cattle and other farm animals. Her mom was a nice looking German Shepherd, but the sire is unknown. Taffy is the last of the four girls to find a home.

She loves to cuddle and chase after her toys. She is an excitable little girl and will pee when she meets new people but is getting better. She wants to play with the two dogs in her foster home, a large female German Shepherd and medium sized terrier. The other dogs are tolerant of her energy and she's getting along well with them. When put in her crate at bedtime she fusses for a short time, but then settles in for the night. She wakes up between 5:30-6:30 am and follows the other dogs to go out for an immediate potty break. She's not 100% housebroken, but she's on her way.

Taffy eats well and is learning to sit for her food. She is learning to walk on a leash and needs to be taught other basic commands. Puppies require a lot of time and commitment toward teaching house manners and to respond to human directions. Taffy is eager to learn and can make a great family companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added November 2019

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