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Sargeant Pepper is a handsome four-year-old (birthdate 12.31.15) sable male who weighs 72 pounds, but can stand to put on a few pounds and build muscle mass. This big boy is sensitive and easily correctable. He was surrendered when his prior owner could no longer care for him. He has been diagnosed with atypical pannus, an immune mediated disease in which his third eyelids are inflarmed, but the cornea and conjunctiva are not affected. He will still require daily prescription eye medication for life.

Sargeant heals nicely on a leash and meets strangers well while on walks. He knows some basic commands and is working on others. He is learning to wait before eating and wait at the front door when it is open, until being allowed to proceed. He isn't very food motivated unless the treats are super yummy. He is very house trained and has nice house manners, never jumping on furniture or taking your belongings. He rides extremely well in the car, jumping in easily and waiting patiently while you go inside stores quickly to run your errands.

He currently sleeps in a crate at night, very quietly in his foster mom's bedroom, letting her sleep in every morning. He currently lives in a house with one large female German Shepherd. He is polite and does not challenge the other dog over dog toys. He is friendly with humans. His favorite things are: going on walks, being brushed, chasing tennis balls, playing with stuffed animals and tug-of-war with a rope. It is very fun watching him chase tennis balls, since he is lightning quick. He has medium to low energy, spending the day relaxing after his morning walk.

Cats and small critters are unknown but at a vet's office he ignored a cat in a crate next to him and other dogs big and small, no matter how they behaved. Sargeant is looking for a home that will provide him regular exercise and include him in regular fun activities. Further training will only make this boy more awesome.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added December 2019

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