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Boson (Boe-Zawn) is a sleek handsome black and tan male, approximately 3 yrs old. He currently weighs 63 lbs but can use a bit more muscle mass. As a stray, we know little about his past although it is apparent he has had some training. He readily sits and poses in the down position upon command, and has very good recall. He is very motivated by food and will wait patiently for his treats with lovely gentle manners.

Initially timid in nature, Boson has slowly learned to appreciate the company of all humans. In fact, he will "hang out" with the human pack and show little interest in walking away. On occasion, he gets frisky and tries to hop on your lap, but he is learning appropriate boundaries. When he is happy, he becomes a bit mouthy and responds to replacement toys. He eagerly goes on car rides where he enjoys his nose out the window. Bo will eagerly sit while you leash him for his daily walks. He does well on a leash and is eager to meet other dogs along the way, but he is not reactive. While in the company of other dogs, both large and small, he displays polite and curious interactions. He prefers gentle play and will avoid dogs who engage in rough play styles.

Boson sleeps calmly in his crate at night, and has learned to use the dog door while he is left alone during the day. He will gladly chase after a ball, then proudly trot back to let you know it stopped safely!

When this boy arrived, he had multiple skin infections with tender abscesses on his hind end, likely due to an extensive flea allergy and poor diet. He has completed treatment and is healing rapidly. Despite this, when he is anxious or excited, he has a tendency to "spin", focusing on his tail end or back legs. He does not do damage, and he can be called out of this quickly. This behavior may have been reinforced from chronic itch, pain, and a lack of regular exercise. Use of a thundershirt (soft snug wrap-around shirt) has proven helpful to reduce this behavior.

This Shepherd is ready to offer steady and fun companionship. He is gentle, connected, enjoys the company of all humans and dogs, and ready to learn. Boson no doubt wants to be a "Good Boy" and to make his owner proud.

Cats unknown

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Updated January 2020; Added November 2019

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