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Thought you would like to be updated on Yogi. Yogi and my grandson are the loves of my life, Yogi has passed level 1 of the puppy kindergarten and is in level 2. He is doing really well, sits, stays, downs....Having a little trouble with Off, and Leave It but we are working on it. As you can see by one of the pictures, he is not sure if he wants his ears up or down, hehehehe

Will you please share these so everyone can see how he has grown and how much he is loved.

ps...the other dog is Katie they are doing great together.

March 2010

Yogi Let's Play

Yogi Waits for Bubbles

Yogi & Katie

Yogi Santana Row


Original bio & pictures:

Yogi is a black & tan boy with lots of white trim and is cute as a button. But don't let his cuteness fool you, he's a handful. He's high energy and very vocal. No one is safe from a bite on the tail while asleep. Although an instigator, he is also a lover and very affectionate.

This dog is a Level 3 Dog