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NikkiNikki Head

Adopted 9/17/11!

Nikki's trainer was so attached to her, he came back and adopted her as his personal dog! Congratulations to Mark and Nikki!

Original bio:

Nikki is a big, beautiful 2 year old, dark sable female. She was an unclaimed stray from Grass Valley. She has a happy, outgoing disposition and seems to get along with everyone she has met so far.

Nikki's outstanding temperament made her a great candidate for a service dog. She was taken into the Four Paws For Vets program to become a service dog for a wounded veteran.

She went to live in a puppy-raiser/trainer home and was well into training and doing very well when a routine hip x-ray was done. She was diagnosed with bilateral (both sides) hip dysplasia which washed her out as a service dog, so she was returned to us. Through the benefit of our Rainbow Fund, we were able to have FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery done on both hips.

Nikki is now healed up and doing very well, and should go on to live a normal life.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added March 2011

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