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Adopted 6/18/11!

Kolly is a cute, outgoing and social 10 month old bicolor boy. He was given up by his owners due to financial hardship. Kolly came to us with severe bilateral (both sides) hip dysplasia. Thanks to our Rainbow Fund, he had bilateral FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery on March 29th, and is healing up well. He should go on to live a perfectly normal, pain-free life.

This cute boy is very social with other dogs and is okay with cats. He loves car rides, he's housebroken and well-mannered in the house. He does well in the crate but is still enough of a puppy that he'll chew a bit on the bedding if he's bored when left too long.
Kolly is looking for a home with a family to love and another social dog to play with, as long as they don't play too rough.

This dog is a Level 2 Dog!

April 20, 2011 

Kolly Head  Kolly Head 2

Kolly sitting left Kolly sitting right