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Fia's 10th birthday is coming up in October but you would never guess she is that old from her actions. She is like so many of us who may be getting older but refuse to grow up. Give her a 1 yearr old puppy to play with, and she will not only hold her own, but will give the little darling a run for their money. She loves long walks, rides in the car or just hanging out with her people. Fia is a very devoted, loving dog with a heart of gold and smile that will brighten your day.

This is Fia's second time coming into rescue. She was adopted out about a year and a half ago; when her owner passed away earlier this year she came back to us. While on vacation with her previous owner, she was misdiagnosed with a horrible eye problem. After she came back to us, we took her to an ophthamologist who diagnosed her with Pannus and put her on the proper medication. The film over her eyes is now all but gone and she can see almost perfectly. Fia will need eye drops every day to keep her vision clear, but the drops are fairly inexpensive and she sits very still to have them applied. Her eyes should clear completely with continued use of the drops.

Fia is housebroken, crate-trained, gets along very well with other dogs both male and female, and will keep your yard clear of squirrels, cats and other small, pesky critters.

Please note pictures were taken a year and a half ago when she first came into our program.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

This dog is with California Animal Rescue.
For more information, contact:
Sue Bunte at 707-225-5033

Added September 19, 2011