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Falko now Reighnger (Ranger)

August 30, 2011

Hello Friends,

I wanted to tell you how happy we are! Reighnger is a perfect fit. We all just love him and so do our friends. It took him a few weeks to really realize that this is his forever home and when he did he seemed to be able to relax more. He's gotten into the groove of how his new family works and loves his new Grandpa "Rusteigh". He's the perfect companion, loves to play with Rusteigh and knows when its time to take it easy on the "old man". He loves the little kids and is the great protector on guard and always watching out for us.

He has many nick names... Puppy Power, Snuggle-upagus and Pig Dog cuz he snores like a pig. His new name is the best tho because he "scouts" out ahead of us to make sure the way is safe for Rusteigh and his new forever family. I take them with me often and we enjoy walking all over Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel and Pacific Grove. We usually walk about 2 miles a day. They have toys and balls all over the house and are spoiled rotten! : )

I know our adoption was a little different but thanks for trusting us and being flexible. We really appreciated all Gary did to help us. He's so great! Thank you for all you do to help the Sheppys, We love ours so very much. Thank you for raising him to be the perfect boy for us. When its time for us to have another fuzzy friend, we will be calling you first!

God Bless and keep up the GREAT work!

Bob, Kelly, Roger, Westleigh, "Rusteigh"; and "Reighnger" Blade

Adopted 7/2/11!

Falko is a cute and affectionate young male around 2 years old, on the smaller size for a male, wrapped in a classic black and tan coat. Falko was an unclaimed stray from Modesto so we know nothing about his background.

This is a very sweet boy who loves his people and is great with people of all sizes. He has a moderate energy level and loves to spend most of his time lying at your feet or following you around the house. He will play with other medium-to-large dogs, but usually won't initate the play. Falko has an extremely high prey drive, absolutely no cats or small dogs!

Falko is housebroken and will sleep in a crate, he knows Sit, Down, Out (Go Outside), and he knows that a leash means "walkies" and loves to go on outings. He's learning leash manners, he pulls a bit at first but then settles down. He occasionally table surfs if food is left unattended and takes his coffee with 3 creams and 3 sugars. He will work for food and will do anything for a treat. He is also quite the talker once he gets excited!


This dog is a Level 3 Dog!

Original bio June 2010

Additional photos added December 2010

Falko Legs Crossed

Falko Down

Original photos June 2010

Falko profile

Falko Face Falko look left

Falko Standing

Falko's shelter pic May 2010

Falko Shelter May 2010