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Camellia now Kammi

November 17, 2009

We finally got some pictures of Kammi, so I thought you might like to see how she is today. She has a funny routine where she goes into the back yard to do her business, then she is fed her first meal, then she follows me around until I take her for her walk in the neighborhood & when she returns to her back yard to play with her toys & run like the wind. She is so fast!!! Then she comes back into the house where she follows Dottie around everywhere.She is so lovable, she loves to give us kisses, she is very affectionate with all of us.

We are so happy with our little Kammi,she loves us & we love her, a perfect fit. Have a great thanksgiving & thanks again for Kammi.

Sincerely Gene & Dottie

Kammi with toy

Kammi and leaves

Adopted 6/20/09!

Sweet, petite little Camellia has had a rough start in life. She's probably just around a year old, and came to us as nothing but skin and bones, and was so neglected that she lost of the tips of her ears to flystrike. She was also seriously ill with Erlichiosa, a tick-borne disease (TBD) that can be extremely serious. Fortunately, it was caught in time and after many months of treatment, she's now well and ready for her new home.

Fortunately, her early neglect didn't dim her sweet and affectionate nature, it just made her slightly timid in new situations. Cammy has blossomed into a very pretty young lady, slim and elegant. She's gaining confidence as she matures, but she can still be shy around strangers.

Cammy is very well-socialized to other dogs and and gets along well in a large pack of dogs. She's becoming a little more assertive as she gets older and will occasionally stand up for herself if things get too rowdy.

This little sweetie is a diamond in the rough, waiting for just the right home to socialize her out in the big, wide world. Her overall gentle nature should be fine in most homes. She'll need a low-key household with a patient family to give her some guidance and confidence. A home with another dog for company is a must!


Added February 2009


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