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CharlieCharlie Head

NOTE: This is a Courtesy Listing for an indivdual. Greater California German Shepherd Rescue does not have any information about this dog.

Please contact Jennifer, if interested in adopting Charlie.

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Charlie is male, 10 months, estimated 75-80 lbs, and he has a moderate energy level. He is an outside dog, but he is never really alone since there is someone always outside every day. He sleeps in a comfortable huge dog house with air conditioning and heater. However, he has been indoors for 2 weeks. The two weeks indoors; he did great and knows to go potty outside only.

He loves playing ball with new people. He is a soft and gentle dog. He does not like to play rough with other dogs and will scream. He is shy and nervous at first, but he is quick to be comfortable. He is not crate trained or housebroken due to being well mannered. He has the basic obedience and had board and train.

He still needs lots of socialization with people and dogs. He loves to have someone around at all times and likes to play ball all the time. He likes to take breaks and lays down to sleep. He is great with small dogs. He has been around big dogs and did great, but it needs to be slowly introduced. He also has been around kids and did great, but it has been a while. He listens pretty well when it comes to chickens free roaming to not chase. He needs lots of love from humans and playing ball. He does great on walks and walks side by side. A new owner or family who can give him the love and time would be great.

This is a level 2 dog.

This is a Level 2 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added October 2021

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