Tanner is a Special Needs boy with canine epilepsy that will need to be controlled with medication for the rest of his life. Tanner is a great young dog who is eager to fit into a caring, strong family and will give back so much in return.

Tanner is a strikingly handsome 18 month old, very large male at 110 lbs who is fairly laid back but still likes to chew on everything (put away all your power cords!). He needs a strong experienced owner who clearly understands how to set boundaries to control his clingy tendancies and avoid possible future Separation Anxiety.

His new family will need to be able to cope with the possibility that Tanner may have occasional seizures in his future and can provide him with a safe environment should they occur. They will need to work closely with their vet to keep his medication at the optimum levels.

Tanner gets along with other dogs and would love a playmate who is not intimidated by his size and will not be a threat to him should he have occasional future seizures.