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ShaggyShaggy Head

Shaggy is approximately 7.5 years old male with a gorgeous black and tan plush coat, weighing approximately 75 lbs. This is his second time in our rescue. He was initially adopted from us as a 1 year old and, through no fault of his own, found himself left at a Shelter. Thanks to his microchip, GCGSR was contacted and we were able to retrieve our boy.

He currently resides in a foster home with one senior female (see Betty), where he previously shared the household with two other sequential female partners. With each, he enjoys free roam of the home during long work days. Several of these females have attempted to engage him in play, but sadly, he shows no interest. If pestered by other dogs, he will respond with a clear verbal refusal. This boy simply won't dance. Although he is extremely comfortable and accepting of a large dog pack (that includes both large and small dogs), his preference is to be among the humans.

Shag returned from the shelter extremely underweight. He shared his initial foster home with 5 other GSDs where he displayed initial dominance, but rapidly settled with corrections and leadership. He continues to display this behavior when meeting submissive dogs, but rapidly retreats with verbal interventions. Majority of dog encounters are brief and mutually congenial.

Shag loves his daily walks and has become quite strong with impressive stamina. While he used to become reactive toward other dogs he encountered, he listens to a confident "leave it" command. Although he is stout, Shag has an underlying cautious nature. He can get startled with unexpected movements close to him (ex: runners or scooters coming from behind) and may react with a brisk lunge. This is slowly diminishing as he becomes increasingly exposed to the neighborhood activities.

Of all the dozens of fosters observed in this home, this boy possesses top-notch house manners. He is house-broken, sleeps quietly in a crate, and rests calmly on his bed during the day. He is rather quiet, but will come to life when his meal is being prepared or when he feels the need to alarm-bark! Shag is eager to go on car rides and will wait politely in the car for his human to return. Tennis balls (these won't last long) and synthetic chew bones keep him happily occupied.

He remains calm in the presence of small children and has welcomed numerous visitors in the home with friendly warm greetings. Shag is quietly attuned to his human and won't make demands; however, over the past few weeks, he has learned to seek human affection (and butt scratches) with joyful pleasure! This boy is an impressive example of patience, dependability, and great company.

Shag will do best in a calm home alone or with other independent, non-playful dogs.

NO small dogs or critters!

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added September 2018, updated July 2019

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